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Your Ultimate Guide to Disinfecting Your Toilet During the Pandemic

Do not worry, it does not take a lot of time and effort to make your toilet sparkling clean. Here are some tips to clean and disinfect all the dirtiest surfaces on your throne, and keep the rest of your bathroom clean.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

As we all know (or at least most people), the novel coronavirus is being transmitted through respiratory droplets and physical contact with a person who is infected. And while it is true that fecal-oral transmissions cannot spread the virus, it is still necessary to clean and disinfect our living environment for our safety. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Because most of us are staying at home now, surfaces of household items need to be cleaned on a daily basis. And you may want to focus on the kitchen and toilet. Especially the toilet. It is no secret that the toilet is one of the most used seats in your living space so it really needs attention when it comes to sanitization.

Oops, I saw that wince on your face. Do not worry, it does not take a lot of time and effort to make your toilet sparkling clean. Here are some tips to clean and disinfect all the dirtiest surfaces on your throne, and keep the rest of your bathroom clean.

Prepare your cleaning tools.

Of course, you need to be well equipped to get your toilet cleaned. Gather your cleaning tools (make sure you are using these tools only for the toilet) such as rubber gloves, scrubbing brush, scrubbing sponge, a bottle of Clorox toilet cleaner, a gallon of Clorox bleach, a bottle of Lysol, and disinfecting wipes.

Let's start with the bathroom sink.

The sink in your bathroom can be as dirty as the toilet. Clean and remove toothpaste buildup as well as soap and hair remains. Spray it with a disinfectant cleaner and leave it for a while (check the bottle of the cleaner you used to know how long should you leave it) then wipe it using a sponge. Do not forget the outer sides of your sink when cleaning. Rinse and let it dry.

Make your bathtub clean and shiny.

I know you want to ask why you should clean the tub if most of the dirt from your body is carried away by water? Well, how about the remains? Clean the tub using a cleaner that is compatible with your tub's material or a cleaner with micro-scrubbing particles.

Clean the tiles and grout from time to time.

You do not need to clean the tiles on a daily basis but it is important to have them cleaned regularly. You can use chlorine bleach solutions and a brush.

Now let us focus on the bowl.

Keep in mind that some toilet cleaners with strong ingredients are harsh for they can get diluted when you apply them into the bowl full of water. It is advised to drain the water out of the toilet first, then use a milder cleaner. Then turn the water valve at the base of the toilet off and flush once. And that is basically it. Just do not forget to apply toilet cleaner under the toilet bowl's rim.

How to remove tough toilet bowl stains?

Don't fret, you can remove those stains. Just get a stiff-bristled toilet brush and scrub the bowl's interior and under its rim. You can clean stains with a pumice stone on a stick then swipe a few times. The stone won't leave scratches on the bowl's surface as it is softer than normal stones. After cleaning, turn the toilet's water back on and flush to rinse the bowl.

Wipe down the toilet bowl.

Spray some disinfectant to the exterior of the bowl then wipe it from top to the bottom using a paper towel. Put the paper towel straight in the trash after use.

Don't forget to sanitize your tools after using them.

Cleaning your tools right after using them will help prevent bacteria growth. Also, it is important to clean the gloves first before removing them from your hands to avoid getting your hands dirty. Scrub your gloved hands with soap and hot water then remove them right away. Hang them to dry before keeping them for the next use.

Cleaning and disinfecting your toilet can lessen the risk of coming into contact with harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses in your home, especially during this coronavirus pandemic. By disinfecting your toilet every two to three days, you can make yourself and your family safe while staying at home.

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