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Workplace Disinfecting Tips - How to Keep Your Office Clean and Safe from Coronavirus

Cleaning Corona
Cleaning Corona

With most people resuming to work during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many employers and employees are still worried about the risks of working outside from home and being confined in such building offices where social distancing seems impossible.

With that said, there is a proper preemptive measure on keeping commercial offices clean and free from disease-causing pathogens such as the corona virus.

The simple process method on disinfecting your home from viruses such as corona virus is applicable and a must in any work offices as these areas can be a hotspot of many disease-causing pathogens including COVID-19.

Many states and countries are cautiously removing many stay-at-home restrictions in preparation for many workers who are returning back to their offices.

Due to the fact that social distancing is violated in the essence of working from offices, there will prevail in physical human to human interaction that might further propagate the spread of the diseases.

Factors That Can Contribute to the Risk of Virus Spread in a Workplace

It is also important to know that there are a lot of factors that can increase or decrease the chances of pathogens like corona virus in spreading and existing in certain areas. Check them below:

  • If the commercial building is located in a city (most probably and technically in most cases it is).
  • The location of the building is in a city where there have been known causes of corona virus
  • The number of present employees

Tips on How to Properly Disinfect Your Workplace

It is essential for employers and companies to limit the existing chances of corona virus and other pathogens in surviving certain working area surfaces that are prone to be touched. We’ve prepared some easy tips on how to properly clean and disinfect work offices to ensure the health and well-being of the employees.

1.Consider investing amount of money in professional cleaning services.

Many businesses offer efficient deep cleaning services that provide efficient disinfecting and cleaning of office areas to further eliminate disease-causing pathogens from spreading.

An army of janitors, cleaners, and cleaning professionals can sometimes be needed in order to fully clean offices especially if the area to be cleaned is large.

Professional cleaners are often heavily equipped with hazmat suits in order to clean the area without actually spreading any pathogens that might be present in them. They also provide virucides which are highly capable of killing viruses as well as fogging equipment to clear an area of any airborne viruses.

To simply put, having a professional cleaning service is necessary especially if you don't have the time in cleaning the office space.

2.DIY Clean and Disinfect Method

You can also do a manual do it yourself cleaning method that involves manually cleaning then after disinfecting the surface area.

You can simply use a detergent mixed with water or soap mixed with water carefully wiping down the grime, dirt, dust and other particles in areas in your offices where pathogens are most likely to propagate.

Aim to clean high-touch surfaces such as work desks, bathroom floors, doorknobs, toilets, handles and switches and other items that are touched.

Then after manually cleaning, you can use Clorox, bleach or any other disinfectant of your choosing to fully wipe out the surviving pathogens present.

This is relatively simple and easy to do but requires effort, dedication and time. You can even let your employees do it for you with an extra charge if you wish but what is necessary for this process is the dedication of the cleaner in cleaning the area.

Because we are dealing with an enemy we cannot see, it is important to be meticulous and patient in cleaning the areas where the pathogens live as there are no shortcuts here even in cleaning!

How to further eliminate the chances of contracting corona virus at the office? Follow these tips:

In order to fully implement corona virus free offices make sure to implement some tips recommended below.

  1. Have a hand sanitizer or alcohol present in the work area and let the employees. Have it for free use in order to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  2. Have the employees wear a face mask to help prevent any kinds of air projectiles such as cough and sneezes transferred.
  3. Have a regular temperature check up to your employees before entering the building.
  4. Implement social distancing, 2 meters away from another person.