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Ways to Keep an at-Home Fitness Routine During the COVID-19 Pandemic

You can still stay physically active right in your living space. Today, we're giving you tips on how you can maintain an at-home fitness routine during this novel coronavirus pandemic.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Although states across the country and other places start reopening most of their establishments and public areas including gyms and recreation centers, fitness enthusiasts are still hesitant to go back to their nearest gym. So if you are afraid to return to your local weight room, you are not alone. Even though gyms and fitness studios enforce stricter sanitation and safety measures for their reopening, many people still have doubts. We can't blame them, we can't see our enemy here (a.k.a. COVID-19) so it is better to be safe than sorry. Don't worry, not going to the gym doesn't mean you have to stop your fitness routine. You can still stay physically active right in your living space. Today, we're giving you tips on how you can maintain an at-home fitness routine during this novel coronavirus pandemic.

Doing basic cardio workouts can help you burn extra calories.

No oval track? No problem! Walking or running in place is a great cardio exercise that you can do at home. Pump those arms while breathing in and out through your nose and get your heart rate up. There are so many vloggers on YouTube that show different variants and levels of cardio exercises that you can try to improve your cardiovascular health, circulation, and range of motion in your upper body. Kickboxing is a game-changer if you get bored with just merely walking or running in place.

Who says you need equipment to strength train?

Want to build muscle and burn fat? Start working your upper and lower body with bodyweight exercises. No need gym equipment? Yup, you don't need equipment to strength train. Do some wide-arm push-ups, wide-leg squats, lunges, toe touches, and tricep dips.

Try an upper body toning routine.

If you happen to own some hand weights like dumbbells, then you can do an upper body toning routine. Three to seven-pound weights are okay, hold one dumbbell in each hand and do bicep curls. Just stand while fully extending your arms holding a weight in each hand. Make sure your elbows are resting at your sides. Slightly bend your knees with your belly button in, and bring the weights to your shoulders by bending at your elbows. Other muscle toning exercises you can do are tricep extensions, overhead presses, and bent-over rows.

Not in the mood for an invigorating workout today? Chores around the house can burn calories too.

Doing household chores for at least ten minutes at a time and getting your heart rate up can also count as exercise. You can do gardening, washing and cleaning windows, raking leaves, and mowing using a push mower.

Keep your activity interesting, play some music.

The key to a fulfilling workout? Good music. Mood booster songs can help energize you so you can keep going.

Take a virtual fitness class.

If you miss your workout buddies and your personal trainer, you can sign up for online fitness classes or training sessions. It is like you are going to the gym without the risk of catching the virus. You can interact with other people which can motivate you to keep up with your fitness regime.

Set an exercise goal.

Challenge yourself and set a goal each week. This can help in making your at-home fitness routine more exciting.

Workout with family.

If your family members also love exercising, you are lucky. You can walk, run, and ride bikes together or even do dance and yoga sessions. Working out together is a great quality time with your family. But if your parents or siblings are not that fans of fitness, you can just do household chores together.

Pandemic or not, staying fit can keep you healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. And now that the whole world continues to battle with COVID-19, it is vital to maintain a fitness routine. Exercising has many benefits such as lowering your risk of having health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, and more.

So with or without a gym, get a good workout, and maintain your fitness routine. We hope these tips will help you achieve your health goals! :)