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Two Easy Steps to Keep Your Car Clean and Safe from Coronavirus

Cleaning Corona
Cleaning Corona

Corona virus (COVID-19) is a newly found strain of the virus that rapidly spreads around humans. Recently, new research has shown that it can severely affect the lungs and causes mild to severe pus-like lesions in toes known as "COVID toes".

Due to the Corona virus (COVID-19), the pandemic is still getting a solid grip on how our lives function. Life can be uneasy especially to the working class, risking their lives every day in the public.  Even though social distancing and preferring to stay at home is an option, none of these people could choose.

Our lives will be forever changed by the new societal norms of social distancing and stay at home policies that will still be implemented until the rate of corona virus subsides.

The crashing economy of many nations, many are forced to risk their lives every day by going to work, doctors and other medical staff in the field are accomplishing exactly the same thing – risking their lives in order to save others.

Rental Vehicles are Prone to Covid-19

This also applies to the case of rental vehicles and ride-sharing owners and drivers like UBER, LYFT, shared cars, local taxis, lift with a friend, and others who are unknowingly bypassing viruses in the area.

Are You Really Safe from the Virus in Your Own Car?

Commuting with your car is a relatively safe way to travel from home to work as it decreases your chances of meeting up with people who might have the disease. That's the reason why public transportation is still on the racks.

This disease caused by Covid-19 that emerged from being relatively unknown to the public is still relatively unknown. While the cure is still on the hands of the explorations, it is better to practice cleaning and disinfecting process on will further eliminate your chances of contracting this deadly virus.

Can my car contract corona virus?

One of the most used commodity means of transportation is our car and an uncleaned car can be a hotspot for many growing bacteria, viruses and that includes corona virus. This corona virus can be spread through air particles and can stay on surfaces for weeks!

With that said here are easy and simple tips on how to properly clean and disinfect your car from corona virus and other types of malicious viruses. Follow these to have a safe and secure driving without contracting any health problems:

Steps on How to Disinfect Your Car

1.Clean before you disinfect.

The first thing first is to set a cleaning schedule of your car and it should be done thrice a week or if you've ever been in public areas where there are known cases of corona virus.

Cleaning the entire insides of the car is your utmost priority in the first step in order to fully wipe down any dusty dirty residues that are accompanied by the bacteria and viruses harboring on the surfaces of the car.

Use an antibacterial and antiviral detergent mixed with water. Never ever use harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or bleach as it will cause an imperative amount of damage to the plastics and vinyl located in your car. A simple detergent with water will almost and most certainly kill the corona virus without the nasty damage these harsh chemicals could bring about.

Carefully and delicately wipe off the surfaces most people are prone to touch, wipe the door handles, seat belts, mirrors, light switches, tables, the plastic surfaces of the chair chairs, temperature control and radio buttons, air conditioning vents, display screens, especially the steering wheel which contains a vast amount of germs, more vast than an average toilet seat.

Basically, have time and dedication in cleaning and wiping every single part of the insides of the car to make sure no residue is left.

2. Use disinfectants such as disinfectant sprays and alcohol.

After cleaning, you can use disinfectant sprays and alcohol to further increase the chances of removing the pathogens on the surfaces people are more prone to touch.

Aerosols disinfectant spray is also effective in killing airborne pathogens and can be used to further kill the remaining pathogens inside the car, although it is best to limit it as little as possible due to aerosols having a detrimental health effect on our respiratory system.

Aerosol sprays are only optional and not advised to be used promptly as there are still no studies of its ability and efficacy to kill corona virus.

There you have with only two simple processes of cleaning and disinfecting method, surely your car will be clean and neat, free from any kind of pathogens especially corona virus!

Why you shouldn't worry so much about your car getting the corona virus?

As of now, the medical doctors and scientists know that the novel corona virus is thought to spread mainly and primarily by a person to person contact. This means that in almost all known cases people are infecting others through respiratory droplets namely coughs, sneezes, spit and any kinds of human air projectiles.

Person-to-person transmission is most common, and there are no known cases of people transferring the disease by touching surfaces of a possibly infected material.