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Tips on How to Encourage Your Kids to Love Sports During Pandemic

Cleaning Corona
Cleaning Corona

With the corona virus pandemic still on the rise and there is still no vaccine founded to cure this infectious disease, many if not almost all countries are still implementing safety procedures such as letting people stay at home and practicing social distancing.

However, social isolation brought about by social distancing and stay-at-home measures can be a real problem. Many people have reported feeling anxiety during this pandemic. Most of us also reported having a lack of sleep, feeling sluggish and lacking the drive that most of us used to have before the crisis happened.

Because of this many experts are advising to preemptively prepare the gradual uplifting of social activities during corona virus pandemic.

However, gradually having the green lights on the returning sports session for kids and teenagers should be done smartly, with minimal risk of having them contracting a deadly virus.

With that said, here’s the gradual step by step process on how kids, children and teenagers can get back on track with their sports sessions. Let’s discuss firs the reasons why kids should be allowed to do so.

Why You Should Encourage Your Children to Join Sports

1- Kids or children should be able to actively move their bodies to boost their immunity!

Exercising and being physically active is one of the best things to do in order to stay fit and healthy. It’s no cliche and it’s known by everyone, nevertheless, the implementation of banning social activities and gathering could make you and your kids inactive and particularly lazy at home.

2- Keeping your kids engaged in the internet and media is unhealthy.

Kids could be spending their whole day in bed, watching and streaming on Netflix or playing video games which can be addictive and at the same time unhealthy.

The idea of banning social activities could mean that people would be more inactive, and it is crucial that people especially the young and the oldies to practice a healthy lifestyle and that includes being physically active by playing sports or exercising.

How can the kids go back to back to sport sessions?

1.Let social restrictions be at ease.

Sadly, in order to do our part in helping the prevention of corona virus disease from disseminating is to follow the social distancing until it is disbanded. This is relative to the safety of the public.

Nevertheless, if you are a concerned parent or coach you should advise your kids to perform low-risk exercises that will still promote their well-being try incorporating push ups variation, bur pees, squats and other proactive body weight exercises that activate and target all muscles in the body.

2. After lifting social restrictions

After lifting stay at home restrictions, coaches or other parents can organize a proper shelter place that will serve as sports grounds for the kids.

The organized sport session should be done on a set schedule and only with approved limited group size.

In this stage, the parents or coach should be able to provide a personal hygiene kit with each person going back to back on the sports sessions. The kit should be able to provide an effective face mask, hand sanitizer or alcohol, clean-alcohol wipes and other cleanliness product of your choosing.

Also during the sports sessions, the parents should encourage their kids to at least wear face masks in order to practice safe interaction with the other kids.

This is the "new" normal for many sports sessions as most sports coaches are going to have to change the way they practice and interact with one another.

3. Let your mind have an innovative invention of what youth sports should like!

Until we find the cure and turn the high curve to zero, we have to go with the flow with the "new" normal.

This means less interaction and return of high-risk organized sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, soccer and many others.

Coaches and parents should be able to understand the risk of letting competitive sports go at ease. Hence, the cooperation of the parents, school coaches and even the local government in your area is highly beneficial in making sports sessions safe and corona virus free.

Experts also suggest that the coaches implement ramp-up activities that increase 10%-20% each week and help build a team support group through zoom or any other communication apps of your choosing to help the psychological needs of the kids.