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Staying Away From Corona Virus - Essential Home Disinfecting Tips

Cleaning Corona
Cleaning Corona

With the alarming cases of corona virus or COVID-19 across the globe, we are doing anything to keep us away from being infected by this deadly virus. We are all concerned about our health and safety so we keep on searching for ways on how to keep ourselves and loved ones away from this deadly enemy. One of the most effective ways is to disinfect our home.

Disinfection is one of the most recommended processes of cleaning and eliminating disease-causing pathogens such as the corona virus to ensure that you have a clean, fresh, and properly disinfected home. Now that we all are staying at home, it is important that we take time and effort to properly manage it to prevent it from becoming a hotspot of many disease-causing pathogens including COVID-19.

A dirty and messy house is next to infections and illnesses. Keep in mind that a large area or portion of a house if not properly maintained and cleaned, certain pathogens such as bacteria and viruses can harbor and propagate thus increasing your chances of accumulating a disease.

Factors That Increase Your Risk of Having Corona virus

Did you also know that the susceptibility of your house in accumulating pathogens such as corona virus can be amassed in a number of reasons? Here are they:

  • Your house is located in a residential building area where the space of people interacting with one another is limited and confined.
  • Your house is located in the epicenter of the virus
  • Your house is located in the city.
  • There are more than 5 people living in your house.
  • You have someone in your family who is medically allied or is working outside of home during the pandemic crisis.

If your house falls on any of the category listed or you are just simply worried about the condition of your house, there are several ways in order to clean and disinfect your house from corona virus.

Easy Steps on How to Disinfect Your Home from Corona virus

Check out the easy and simple step-by-step instructions on how to maintain, clean and disinfect your house properly for a corona virus free home:

1- Set up a cleaning schedule

Consider picking up a routine cleaning schedule, preferably twice a week in order to maintain the cleanliness of the house. It's also best if you have a family member or friend working alongside with you to make the cleaning and disinfecting process efficient, fast and fun!

2- Gather your cleaning materials.

Gathering the cleaning and disinfecting materials are essential in order to thoroughly clean the interior of your home. Some of the pretty basic cleaning materials needed are:

  • Basic detergent mixed with water
  • Sponge and wipe towels
  • Germicidal sprays
  • Clorox
  • Bleach

Also be sure to put on some protective mask while cleaning as you are dealing with some pretty heavy chemicals that might put a toll on your lungs.

3- Start cleaning on the pathogen hotspots inside your home.

Work your way in the pathogen hotspots inside your home which include the bathroom, kitchen, and living room where guests as strangers often come when they visit your house.

These epicenters are most likely to carry a lot of pathogens in the surface areas. Using detergent mixed with water, Clorox or bleach,  carefully wipe the surfaces and crevices of the area.

This step partially removed the physical dirt such as small particles of food and dust in the surfaces and removing partially the germs existing in the area.

Aim to clean high-touch surfaces such as desks, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, doorknobs, emotes, toilets, handles, switches, air conditioning and other types of appliances.

4- Disinfect after cleaning.

After carefully wiping down the dirt on highly-touched areas, use a disinfectant that is EPA-registered and is labelled as germicidal or kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs.

Have time and dedication in disinfecting and every single surface in order to kill all the disease-causing pathogens present. After that, wait and let the surfaces dry up for about 15 minutes.

5- Enjoy a disinfected, Virus-Free home!

Now that you have a clean, tidy, and corona virus free home, it's a safe bet to take care of yourself well.

Eat healthy food, exercise, limit your consumption of alcohol and take a stress-free lifestyle in order to boost your immune system which is your number one defense against diseases such as the COVID-19!

Always remember that corona virus transmission is through person to person contact. That's why it's always best to practice social distancing and limit public exposure even if with your relatives or friends.