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Small Ways To Keep Your Physical And Mental Health in Check Right Now

For quite some time now, we have been feeling the huge impact of the pandemic situation and the big changes it has brought. We can all relate to how hard it is to be isolated from our family, friends, and coworkers.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

For quite some time now, we have been feeling the huge impact of the pandemic situation and the big changes it has brought. We can all relate to how hard it is to be isolated from our family, friends, and coworkers. It has also been in our routine to practice social distancing and we have welcomed a new work set-up which is working from home. Most of our everyday outlets -- from fitness studios and restaurants to bard and nail salons -- have closed their doors for the meantime. It is only normal to feel cooped up, hopeless, and anxious right now, but still it is very important to keep your physical and mental health in check right now. You might find these tips helpful.

1. Include in Your Daily Routine a Few Minutes of Yoga or Meditation.

Drown all the stress caused by the current situation and try to calm and relax your mind through meditation or yoga. If you haven’t tried it, it might be the perfect opportunity to do so. You only need to spare ten minutes in a day and observe how much your mood will improve and other benefits as well!

Whether you are a beginner or a serious yogi, Down Dog is great for practicing yoga at home. An app called Calm offers a variety of relaxing and soothing podcasts and ambient sounds to get you started in your aim to practice meditation.

2. It Might Be The Best Time to Try Baking.

Many people actually find baking to be therapeutic -- it could be the act of watching bread or cookies rise, rolling a perfect pie crust, or kneading a dough. Take the opportunity to explore many available recipes on the internet and give it a go. Besides, the end result is something delicious and edible so why not?

You might want to begin with easy and simple recipes like homemade chocolate chip cookies and work your way up to more complex recipes like apple crisp shortbread bars or gooey cinnamon rolls. It is definitely worth the try. There are lots of recipes on the internet that are very beginner friendly and a great way to pass time at home!

3. Keep an Active Lifestyle With an At-Home Fitness Class.

Gyms and fitness classes may be unavailable at the moment but you can stream many great at-home workouts to stay fit, get your blood flowing, and keep an active lifestyle.

There are tons of apps that you can find that can help you in keeping yourself active. Some even offer a month of free classes to new members.

You might also want to check with your local gym or even your favorite fitness, since private classes or live streaming are already common.

4. Get Outside and Start Running

There's one type of physical activity that does not demand any membership, technology, or fancy equipment whatsoever - and that is running. With temperatures rising across the country, there is no better time to go outside and start to get your body moving. You will surely benefit from this physical activity whether you run for 10 minutes or 10 miles. You can also get a breath of fresh air while you do.

5. Host a Game Night, Virtual Cocktail Party, Dinner Party, or Book Club.

Technology was not invented for nothing. Stay connected with your family and friends virtually. You can spend some virtual time together by creating a group in Zoom or Google Hangouts. There you can discuss a book, and host a party virtually. There are also apps that allow you to play team games or board games with them.

6. Treat Yourself to a Day of Self Care.

Of course, you also have to get yourself some relaxing and calming activities. On your me-time, you might want to enjoy a long bath complete with a relaxing scented candle and a delicious-smelling bath soak. You can even consider giving yourself a fresh manicure! Give time to listen to what your mind and body might be yearning for and respond to it with a day of self care and rejuvenation.

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