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Life After COVID-19 Lockdown: How To Feel Less Anxious When Going Out

The pandemic has eventually made each of us very cautious. Some would rather stay at home completely for the fear of acquiring the virus than go on little by little to embrace the new normal, which is okay.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

If only we can fast forward to the time when the world has finally beaten COVID-19, when we can go back to our regular lives as we did before. Don’t you just miss hugging your friends, preparing a party, or even riding a public transportation during rush hours without the fear of being exposed to someone who is sick? The pandemic has eventually made each of us very cautious. Some would rather stay at home completely for the fear of acquiring the virus than go on little by little to embrace the new normal, which is okay. We all have our different ways of coping up with the situation. We are actually left with no choice but to consider the “new normal” way of living, especially now that restrictions are gradually being lifted. Businesses have started operating again, some schools have already reopened, employees are being called back to work, these just show that even amidst the pandemic, we can completely pause our lives. While this could be very risky at this time, you can follow these safety measures to at least ease your anxiety in resuming your life in the outside world.

Maintain Social Distancing

It is still crucial to avoid close contact with other people. Keep in mind that a person may not have visible symptoms but can still be carriers of the virus. It is a wise move to maintain at least two meters between people in public spaces.

But social distancing doesn’t just have to be with strangers. You should also do so with friends and acquaintances who do not live in the same household as you. While it is understood that you will become overwhelmed to see them again after a long while, it is advised to avoid kissing, hugging, shaking hands, or anything that involves physical contact. You can be creative with how you greet them like a smile, a wave or even a curtsy - just no touching until further notice!

Wear Your Face Mask!

Wearing your face mask as a part of your outfit should be the new normal. Just like how you cannot go out without wearing your favorite shirt, that’s also how it should be with face masks.

You might find it uncomfortable for daily wear but just imagine how it can save your life and others’ as well from becoming infected with the virus. Also, you are most probably to avoid touching your nose and your mouth with face masks worn.

If you are using medical face masks, it is a must to replace them once they become moist. Dispose the mask properly in closed bins. If you are using cloth face masks, remember to change them frequently. A cloth mask should not be worn again unless it has been washed and disinfected.

Keep Everything Around You Clean

Frequently touched areas should be cleaned and disinfected. This includes, light switches, phones, doorknobs, tables, keyboards, toilets, sinks, and faucets.

But most importantly, this applies to your hands too. Frequent hand washing does not only shield you from the virus but also from other diseases as well.

Follow the proper procedure in washing your hands. Thoroughly rub them together for at least 20 seconds especially after sneezing, coughing, or touching public surfaces. Sing a verse from your favorite song that you know takes at least 20 seconds as you wash your hands to ensure you are following the time requirement. Always bring a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol just in case water and soap are not available.

Follow A Safety Routine

Remember that once you leave home, there is a huge chance that you will be exposed with different people also trying to go about their lives. Although it is understood that once you reach home all you want to do is have some rest, you might be putting everyone in the household in danger if you do not follow a routine. If you are constantly leaving home to go to work or to go to school, you should plan a routine to follow once you come home. You can include washing your hands, taking a bath, keeping your personal items , etc among others. Avoiding immediate contact with the family unless you have done your routine can ensure your household’s safety.

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