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How to Work on Your Relationship During a Pandemic

Cleaning Corona
Cleaning Corona

With the corona virus outbreak dramatically changing our lives, we cannot help that our relationships may have come under the spotlight. You may be self-isolating, working from home, losing normal contact with people, and seeing a lot less of your loved ones, or you are staying-in-place with your partner which can add extra pressure. Even the strongest couples may be going through a difficult time right now. But social distancing and the stress that this pandemic is causing should not be a reason to stop you from maintaining healthy and happy relationships.

Of course, there is no magic recipe for making relationships work, especially during a global pandemic. But these morsels of advice will keep your relationship healthy during the turbulence of the corona virus pandemic.

Always keep communication open and ongoing. This is very important.

Facing unemployment and financial instability, as well as the thought of becoming infected with COVID-19 can feel stressful. It may also be worrying, frightening, or even unbearable. That is why it is important to air your worries and fears by communicating with your loved one. Your partner may not be your sole source of support, but they can give comfort about things that are worrying you. It is essential to keep each other updated about the things that are going on, pandemic or not. A simple "How are you feeling today?” can make the other person feel valued and taken care of. It can make your partner feel that he or she can confide in you.

Allow your partner to talk freely about any stressors in mind.

Uninterrupted listening can help deepen your communication with your partner. Allow them to talk or rant about absolutely anything that makes them stressed. It can be their work, health, future, and etc. You can take turns and tell your partner about what you honestly feel when it is time for you to talk. Doesn't it feel good when our loved ones can face our problems with us?

It is vital to know your partner's coping mechanisms.

People have different ways of handling stress. Understand how you and your partner react to it so you can give each other the proper approach when one is triggered by pandemic-related stressors. You and your partner may have different responses to pressure. Your loved one may prefer a quiet time when tensed, while you want to keep your mind occupied by having someone to talk to. It is good to know what are your respective ways of getting through the situation.

Try to keep track of your thoughts in a shared or individual journal.

There are times when we do not want to talk at all and just bottle things up. That is perfectly normal. If you have something in mind but find it hard to share your thoughts right now, you do not have to ignore them. You can use a journal and write down the things that are clouding your mind so you can keep track of them. You can revisit those ideas when everything is back to normal, or just when you are ready to face those thoughts.

Avoid an argument when a calm mind is not present.

Easier said than done, as much as possible, pause if you feel an argument coming on. During challenging times like this, it is tough to stay grounded during an argument. The situation may just trigger more arguments than you normally have, or you may say something that you may regret later. Pause for a while. Go for a walk alone, cook the tasty-looking dish you saw on the internet, or call and catch up with a friend. Then revisit the argument when you have both cooled down.

Try out some at-home date night ideas to make your quarantined life less boring and stressful.

How about a Netflix date night? It is very simple and will not harm your budget. With numerous funny, sweet, and sexy romances available on Netflix, you will surely have a romantic date night just like when you were watching movies in the theater back in... when was that? Oh, 2019.

Make the most out of your mornings by making breakfast for two. Sounds a little basic but this can be a really romantic time in the morning with your loved one!

Who says you have to be at the park to enjoy a picnic? If you have a garden, you can have a picnic at home! Having no garden is not even a problem here. You can have a floor picnic, balcony picnic, bed picnic, or any kind of picnic, right in your living space!

A board game tournament sounds fun too if you are both into board games.

If you or your partner (or both) love singing, you can sing your heart out to karaoke songs.

If you want something really romantic and miss having a date at your favorite restaurants, why don't you try having a dress-fancy drinks party in your kitchen?

There you have it. Just because you are stuck at home everything seems to be in Topsy-turvy does not mean you cannot keep your relationships healthy. Keep it thriving during the COVID-19 age by trying out some of the advice given. :)