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How to Achieve a Healthy Weight Amidst Pandemic

Food must just be what we need to wipe your anxieties. Plus, food really provides the best comfort at a time. If only we could devour all the food to our heart’s desire without ever compromising our weight.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Each of us has our own unique way of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic situation we are experiencing today. It has put us into greatly overwhelming situations that cause us to be stressed and depressed. Whatever coping mechanism each one uses, it will always be valid as long as it helps us keep our sanity during these trying times. So, it is not really surprising if anyone of us has gained a lot of weight during this pandemic.

With a larger stockpile of food than usual in our fridge since we need to store to avoid going out, and with so much time spare since we are locked up inside the house, we sometimes find ourselves indulging in our favorite food because why not? Food must just be what we need to wipe your anxieties. Plus, food really provides the best comfort at a time. If only we could devour all the food to our heart’s desire without ever compromising our weight.

According to the author of Total Body Diet for Dummies, Vicki Shanta Retelny, RDN of Chicago, our health habits are being thrown off by being stuck inside the house without a normal schedule or daily structure. If your coping mechanism is turning to food like many of us during this stressful time, there’s nothing wrong with it as it is one tool that can help us manage our emotions. But this will become a problem if this is the only coping mechanism you have. Your weight might start to creep up as a result. Gaining too much weight might add to your anxieties and worries, so try to keep watch.

We have listed down ways on how we can keep watch our weight while battling the pandemic.

Have a Nutritious Diet

Healthy food actually provides “comfort,” too! Besides that, it also nourishes the body for it to have a stronger stress-resistant shield. To manage weight, you can develop your own healthy eating plan consisting of a variety of healthy food plus your favorite food. Give your omelet a twist by adding onion, broccoli, and frozen peppers for that quick and helpful boost of color and supplements.

Practice Portion Control

This is a tried-and-tested weight management skill. In April 2018, a published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that when people ate in smaller portions, the next day, they ate less too. So the next time you are eating from that large bag of chips and drinking from that huge bottle of soda, try them into smaller bowls or plates. Because if you don’t measure your food, you will automatically eat more than you should, leading to unwanted weight gain.

Mindful Practice of Your Eating

Your meal is best enjoyed when you have allotted enough time to fully-focus and savor it. Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with the weight of the things we have to do, but we have to give time for our eating. Just eating. No phones, no work on the side. No distractions. Be fully attentive to your food so you can watch how much you eat. With this, you can be sure to avoid overeating.  This also helps you enjoy your meal and have proper digestion.

Do a Kitchen Inventory

Experts say that if you are surrounded by healthy food, you are more likely to eat better. When you are feeling stressed, your appetite speaks for itself and focuses on what you have stored in your kitchen.

Start storing your kitchen with healthier and more nutritional food. Little by little, get rid of those unhealthy items that are sitting on your fridge and cabinets. This way, you cannot be tempted, and you are more likely to reach for healthier fare.

Give Yourself Time to Indulge

While you want to adhere to your healthy eating plan, it won’t hurt to allow yourself to eat your go-to food once in a while. But remember to eat them in moderation. You wouldn’t want to ruin your diet plan completely. Perhaps, you can use this to reward yourself for achieving something or to celebrate an important occasion. Just remember to take things in moderation.

While the journey to achieving a healthy lifestyle may not be that easy, it pays to start as early as now. The pandemic may put us in so much depression and discomfort, but with strong will and self-care, may we all find our way out soon. Don’t forget to drink your water!