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Back to School in the Time of the Pandemic

Sending your kids back to school might probably make you feel anxious as a parent because the virus hasn’t died down yet and it is always a risk to be staying outside and the possibility of contracting the virus is always there.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Sending your kids back to school might probably make you feel anxious as a parent because the virus hasn’t died down yet and it is always a risk to be staying outside and the possibility of contracting the virus is always there. But sooner or later, community guidelines will start to become less strict due to lower community spread, and if that happens, schools will once again open their doors for your children. With your children being confined inside the house for how long, this will surely excite them but as for anxious parents, here’s why it might be a good idea to send them back to school.

Why Should You Send Your Child Back To School?

For children, school is not just a place where they study and learn. More than just academics, the school is also the same place where they learn social and emotional skills, have fun while exercising, and get access to mental health support and other services that they cannot achieve through online learning. Schools are also safe places to leave your children when you have to be at work. Access to the internet, healthy meals, and other vital services are just a few of the many things they can gain access to once they go back to school. And besides, after all the months of being confined in your homes, it might have affected their moods and behavior. So sending them back to school to see their teachers and classmates can improve their everyday mood. Also, the schools have of course, complied to the suggestions to give your children a safe space while learning. But if you still have doubts, maybe these five ways can help ensure your children’s safety as you send them off to school.

Boost Your Child’s Immune System by Getting Vaccines

COVID-19 is not the only threat that poses danger on your kid’s health. There are other viruses as well so ensure that they catch up on routine shots. Also, as a part of the guidelines that the school should follow, your child won’t be allowed to come to class once they start showing symptoms of any kind. Along with routine immunizations, it is recommended that they get flu shots for kids.

Teach The Kids To Be More Careful Around Other People

Most likely after a long period of not meeting with their classmates and friends, your child will be very excited to reunite with them once the schools reopen so advise them that no hugs or shaking hands for the meantime. Discuss this with your child in simpler ways that they can understand. Tell them that since anybody can have the virus without knowing it, any person can pass the virus to somebody else and also to them. Be consistent with reminding and of course, set a good example for them to follow.

Remind Them To Wash Their Hands Properly

It could be hard to get kids to wash their hands for 20 seconds. So instead, instruct them to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice since that takes about 20 seconds to do as they lather the backs of their hands, between the fingers and under the nails with soap.

Singing also makes it fun for children so remind them to do it all the time for them to develop good hand-washing habits. Also, pack a hand sanitizer for them, in case soap and water are not available.

Emphasize The Importance of Wearing A Mask

Masks can make children feel uncomfortable and irritated so they sometimes end up touching their mask all the time, and worse removing it. It is recommended for children to have a cloth mask that fits snuggly without being tight. It is important to note to them that there is mounting evidence that a mask is helpful in reducing the transmission of the virus and that students might also be required by the school to wear them.

No Sharing of Food!

Many children of course, are generous and like to share with their friends, While that is an admirable trait, explain to your child that sharing food is something that they should avoid for now. Remind them that it’s not being selfish; rather, it is one way to keep other people safe by not touching someone’s food and not letting them touch their food.

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