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About Us

Struggling to keep up with the new normal life and survive this pandemic? You re not alone.

We are so glad you found your way here.

The year 2020 instantly went downhill. The corona virus disease 2019 (or what we commonly call it COVID19) pandemic is causing stress, fear, anxiety, and even depression to most people. It is affecting many families throughout the world, as the virus continues to show up in more and more communities. Panic buying, disruptions to food supply systems, unemployment and lost income - it feels like the end of everything. We know exactly what you need right now - peace of mind from all the negative thoughts that are clouding your mind. We want you to know that you are not alone in this challenging time. And so Cleaning Corona was born!

We created this little space to provide you essential information and tips on how to survive this pandemic and adjust to the new normal life - social distancing, not holding events and social gathering, wearing a mask every time you go out in public, and the list goes on. Keeping you and your loved ones safe during corona virus is our priority.

Our goal is to help everyone keep safe from the virus - from following the simple self-protection measures, practicing healthy eating, doing the proper way to clean and disinfect your living space, to dealing with stress and depression in a healthy way. We will be sharing a useful piece of practical advice about food hygiene, making your own disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizers, coping with depression, and even helpful and good news and information related to corona virus. Spending a little of your free time reading some positive, informative, and entertaining news can keep your mind occupied and help reduce stress.

We hope Cleaning Corona can play some role in making your days a little brighter in this trying time.